Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Passed the Maryland Bar exam

We have just received word via the hushed whispers of the global Internets that our friend Sam, freshly married, has officially passed the Bar exam. The Maryland Bar, to be precise, which while less fattening than the Maine Bar takes a shitload more work and still leaves you hungry and with scraped-up hands.

A few weeks go I asked another lawyerly friend of mine how much harder than an eye test the Maryland Bar was, and his response was "much harder." Feeling as though that answer lacked specificity, I asked my new-lawyer cousin, only a year out from taking the NY Bar; her response, "it’s really fucking hard, Jesus Christ, what kind of stupid question is that. You’re a jackass" told me everything I needed to know. So from all of us here at Blog World Headquarters, I’d like to offer you our sincerest congratulations, and a job as our General Counsel. Now go get me out of having to pay taxes.